The Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) is a CEO training program for middle school and high school students, licensed to cities Chambers of Commerce with a class often hosted at a local university.

Students learn every ascept of business from conception, to writing a business plan, learning how to develop their brand, market, legal aspects. Throughout the year they meet local mentor professionals who offer guidance.

Morse Design, my freelance design consultancy has had a 7-year relationship with YEA!. Initially I was invited to design a brochure for their Saunders Scholars event, think Shark Tank where students win funding and a opportunity a big college scholarships.

I developed a theme for the event, “Ideas that make everyone say YEA!”. It was a vibrant platform that showcase student CEO’s diverse ideas for the event guide.

PICTURED ABOVE: HTML Email Campaign Design


I’ve produced event videos showcasing student product ideas for the likes of Sam’s Club and the US Chamber of Commerce.


In recent years we’ve been building the student and parent communication platform “Student 2 CEO” demoNstrating why students should sign up for the class. Over 8,000 student businesses have been created throughout the past 7 years in the USA, India, and China.