Create a digital delivery format for the contract proposal response. The first such application was the Food and Beverage Service at Minute Maid Park, home of the World Champion Houston Astros.


I led the conceptual development, interactive design, programming and art direction of the project. The problem was we only had 45 days to take our concept design and turn it into 10 customized iPads to deliver to executives at the Houston Astros.

I identified a problem for Airstream. Clients interested in new Airstream Travel Trailers are overwhelmed by 60 models and size options.

I pitched Airstream on the project. The scope of the project was identifying the
variety of customer needs, creating features and functions to meet those needs,
and design a prototype.


The design approach was to create a digital simulation of a printed proposal experience with all of the added benefits offered by iPads, motion upon touch, touch gestures, animation builds, subtle animation and sound design.


Our audience is Senior VP and C-Suite Executives who are used to reviewing work in traditional, printed formats. It was determined that the gains by proceeding with the iPad format were worth the risks. The proposal included a simulation for a Luxury Suites App within the iPad. Using this format we were able to explore simulations of technology offerings and amplified those messages. From a usability standpoint we were able to mitigate risks with carefully written instructional microcopy to establish where to start, and the ability to swipe and scroll.


I made the decision to leverage Hype, an early HTML5 tool to build the (8) eight tabs to disseminate the 90+ pages of printed copy into a digestible digital format.
Detailed and dynamic visual design was mandatory to this experience to create enriching and immersive storytelling.

Luxury suites app design prototype experience


Whenever my client pitches for a sports concessions contract, it is critical to thematically align the client with the brand they are pitching, to demonstrate that their goals are one in the same with the teams objectives, creating a fan-first experience that elevates the in-game experience. In this case, “Destination Minute Maid Park” harnessed the idea of turning the baseball stadium into a special place to visit amongst Houston’s many entertainment options. The food service entertainment options were demonstrated through interactive menus, menuboards, and renderings of the suites and clubs amongst other visual experiences.


The scrollable concept menus for clubs and luxury suites were an important part of the business pitch.