Hispanic grocery experiential marketing

Winn Dixie rebranded select grocery store in concentrated hispanic market the Southeast USA to a new brand called Fresco y Mas. As part of big move. The agency was invited to design experiential marketing concepts surrounding the store launch.

Much like the store itself, the goal of the experience initiative was to introduce the quality and authenticity of the shopping experience without people needing to walk into the store. “We make it easy to make the latin dishes you love, and we understand latin heritage and can help you celebrate it”. The message was clear, the Winn Dixie went away but now the store in your neighborhood is authentic.


The team created a sharable and lively experience communicated in my renderings.

Social Media

We leveraged SnapChat filters on-site to enable visitors to digitally enjoy and share hispanic cuisine.


– Onsite Cuban Coffee sampling
– Couponing and latin recipes to drive people to the store.
– A phone number collection campaign. “Text for a chance to win a $100 Gift Card”
– An on-site dance party
– A photo booth with props
– A snapchat activation